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According to ancient Sanskrit texts, Goloka is a planet of love, beauty and happiness. Goloka Movement emerges in times when lust, ignorance and greed are wandering the gray streets of the smog blurred city. The thirst for consumption and technological progress is giving us no freedom and peace, but only poisons and enslaves us. We need true and pure LOVE as driving force of our lives in order to be truly happy. We believe that every person who reach that Truth must find his own way to spread it. Our way is through art. We don’t believe that we can change the world with an urban wear but we know that we can give the spark of change by the art work put on it. Along with the special support by Invert Clothing and many more enthusiastic relatives, friends and acquaintances, we create unique, limited editions of clothing, inspired by the street, graffiti and life scenes. Conscious art is the weapon that we use against the ignorance, hypocrisy and greed. It helps us to raise our minds and transform them into knowledge and love.


Nasimo, also known by his spiritual name Kardami Kapila Das is from Bulgaria. He is well recognized throughout the world as a graffiti artist, who pushed this art form to a high level of expression over the last 20 years.

He has worked extensively throughout Europe and Canada, where he has had numerous one man shows. His contemporary art in mixed media on canvas has been widely collected by Art Patrons all over the world.

Nasimo continues to paint and do murals throughout the world. His art, a statement of the times we live and struggle through is reflected by his incredible sense of wit and expression.

John The Dutchman, tattoo artist, Canada.



Vladimir Gruev aka Freax is a young Bulgarian artist based in London, UK, who uses dance, film and photography as main tools of self expression. Combining bboying and contemporary, he creates a rare and unique dance style that takes the movement from the streets to the theatre stage and the cinema screen as an exploration of the higher spiritual form that dance can offer us. Although he directed a couple of films and performed in dance theatre pieces, his main tool of storytelling is photography, through which he conveys messages on both social and spiritual topics.

Vladimir Gruev a.k.a. Freax



“Gerata, I know him. One of the few people I can talk to without mask and filters. Friend! If you want an example of a “noble soul”, then Gerata is an excellent one. I’m sure his talent will unfold in other ways besides music and fashion. I am convinced of this, because he is an ever-searching person and as such there is no way to have no way because there is a way to have a way to be a FINDER. And so once he stepped on a peak, he would look the next higher. I will now reveal that Gerata, besides the Gerata, has another nickname. I only know it because I stuck it to my mind as soon as we met. The first thing that makes an impression when meeting him is the eyes. Through them you can observe the UNIVERSE. Everything assembled as itself, I said, “This dude has the eyes of Star Cowboy.” BAM, and so he was a Star Cowboy.”

Elenko Angelov, Psychologist & writer



Goloka is the place of love, beauty and happiness, Jukovski is the one who manages to express our place on the web. Rare. The rare approach of Jukovski carries Goloka web. For Jukovski, Goloka is a personal experience. Choice of life – emotions, music and energy. Crowds and people. Where design meets art.

Georgi Jukovski
Web developer


MD Beddah or Deyan Minchev is a hip-hop artist which lyrics on social issues have won the love and respect of many followers in Bulgaria. His music is deep and thoughtful and full of anger and love. A good example for those artists, who stay ”true to the Truth”.



Galen Zhelyazkov/Omerta is an individual blissfully immersed in field of art and design. With over a decade of exploring styles and diciplines he can be found where illustration and letters meet.
Combining the life expirience from Bulgaria and Denmark the best of him is yet to be revealed.

Galen Zhelyazkov / Omerta

GOLOKA! Go for the KNOWLEDGE! Go for the LOVE!