About us


We are just like you. We dream about so many things. We imagine better days and we believe that we can make the world a greater place.
Everything we do brings us closer to our goal. What makes us different is actions we do pursuing the dream.

Our dream. Your dream. Everyone has a desire and what keeps us alive is the journey to it.
We want to make you feel free and good with yourself, through this journey with GOLOKA.
Your styling is a reflection of your personality, so if you are fearless and prefer actions over words, let us help you look good, too.

As ambitious people we love those who do and don’t just stay in wait. When we started GOLOKA alongside with NASIMO, we knew we shouldn’t stop.
That’s why we love those, who follow their dream and progress in their field.
Everyone using every single minute for his own improvement.


Just be awake and dont stop.

Dream. Follow your journey.

Go for it.